Email Opens By Hour [CHART]

Chart: Email Opens By Hour

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face with email is the competition for attention within the inbox.

There’s an argument to be had over whether or not timing helps, but here’s some data nonetheless, starting with the cumulative share of email opens by hour post-send, according to the recent Email Benchmark Report from GetResponse.

The results of the report, which analyzes billions of emails sent during the second half of 2018, show that almost one-fifth of an average email’s total opens occur within the first hour post-send.

Opens slowly decrease after the first hour of delivery, to the point where a little more than half (51%) of emails are opened by the 7th hour after they have been delivered.

Looking at past research indicates that email opening behavior hasn’t changed too much over the years.

An analysis from 2012, for example, shows that a similar majority (52%) of emails were opened within the first 6 hours post-delivery.

This suggests that even as digital engagement methods have proliferated, email remains a channel that most recipients check frequently. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.