Brands With Best Impression Among Women [CHART]

Chart: Brands With Best Impression Among Women

A positive impression in the eyes of women is important to brands, especially when nearly half (48%) of single women between the ages of 30-45 say they feel ignored by advertising.

Some brands are receiving a significantly more favorable impression from women than others, according to YouGov’s latest BrandIndex ranking, with Dawn taking the top spot for the best perception among women.

To arrive at its conclusion YouGov tested more than 1,750 brands, asking women (ages 18+) if they have a positive or negative impression of them.

In a similar fashion to Net Promoter Score, the percentage of negative scores are subtracted from the positive percentage. The scores ranged from -100 to +100, with 0 indicating a neutral position.

Dawn’s score of 62.8 topped the list for 2018 (the data was collected from February 2018 through January 2019) and was one of only 4 brands to exceed a score of 60. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.