Top Seach Trends Marketers Are Watching For The Next Year [CHART]

Chart: Top Seach Trends

Technology has changed customer expectations for companies in a host of ways, influencing desires for customized experiences and new ways to access products and brands.

Marketers are paying attention to how these shifts are affecting customers behavior, according to a survey of 700 US marketers by ClickZ and Chatmeter.

When asked what 5 trends (of 23 listed) provided the biggest opportunities and challenges for digital marketing, specifically search, more than half (51%) of respondents cited the change of customer behavior driven by technologies like mobile, AI virtual and augmented reality and IoT.

Mobile is an example of how technology has changed the way consumers access information and how marketers are responding to this new opportunity. 

Mobile users in the US are spending 2.5 times more minutes on their smartphone than on their desktops. This has prompted marketers to begin mapping out the mobile customer journeys of consumers.

But tech-driven changes to customer behavior represent only one of the opportunities and challenges on the minds of marketers. Here are a few more outlined in the study. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.