Why People Buy Clothes From Amazon [CHART]

Chart: Why People Buy Clothes From Amazon

Apparel shoppers in the US are more likely to be buying clothes on Amazon than any other online retailer, according to a recent study.

Half (50.7%) of the 2,000 consumers surveyed for the report from CPC Strategy said they shopped for clothing with Amazon within the last six months, compared to the one-third (33.9%) who shopped from the runner-up, Walmart.

Why are so many shoppers buying their apparel on Amazon? The answer seems to be primarily because of the free and fast shipping offered by Amazon.

More than one-third (36.9%) of respondents who had purchased clothing on Amazon said they valued this feature above all others.

Likely lulled by Prime, free shipping is the most prevalent reason why consumers shop at Amazon, generally.

Shipping fees have an adverse effect on e-commerce purchases, with high shipping fees being the main reason for cart abandonment on other sites. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.