Daily Video Consumption, 2013-2021 [CHART]

Chart: Daily Video Consumption, 2013-2021

The growing amount of time that people spend on their phones and tablets makes it easier to stream video or play video games in the bathroom.

While some advertisers might find this viewing context unsettling, restroom ad specialists have described their viewers as a “captive audience.”

Advertisers should think about their campaign goals before they flush away the opportunity to capture audiences’ attention.

Other research indicates that people regularly stream video in the bathroom. In a 2017 survey of Hulu users, 60% said they watch Hulu on the toilet. A 2017 study by Netflix found that 12% of users have watched video in a public restroom.

The study did not indicate if they used headphones or not, but creating mobile video content that works with the sound turned off is a good best practice. Read the rest at eMarketer.