Brands See Voice Commerce As Opportunity [CHART]

Chart: Brands See Voice Commerce As Opportunity

Currently more than half (54%) of brands are selling their wares on Amazon, a figure predicted to reach almost three-quarters (72%) within the next 5 years, according to survey results from Feedvisor.

Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo are becoming yet another featured technology in many US households. About one-third (32%) of US adults own a smart speaker and more than three-quarters (76%) have started to use voice assistants, like that of Amazon’s Alexa, to a greater extent as they become more comfortable with using the technologies to purchase online.

Brands are viewing consumers’ increased comfort with voice assistants as less of a threat than an opportunity, per the Feedvisor survey. Seven in 10 (69%) brands taking part in the survey said that they either somewhat or strongly agreed that voice ordering is an opportunity and will play a part in future sales strategies. When asked if voice ordering is a threat to brands, fewer than half (45%) somewhat or strongly agreed. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.