Marketing Success Metrics [CHART]

Chart: Marketing Success Metrics

When implementing advanced attribution models to better assign marketing credit across touchpoints, marketers grapple with choosing the best metrics among overabundant data points.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by a sea of clickthrough rates (CTRs), impressions, likes, shares and viewthrough rates, marketers are performing metrics mapping exercises to assess the relevancy of these channel-level metrics against a larger company goal.

Finding meaningful channel-level metrics is impossible without first identifying the broader business key performance indicators (KPIs). For most companies, such goals often focus on driving greater customer lifetime value (LTV) or brand affinity.

Marketers in North America cited business objectives such as customer engagement, brand loyalty and customer retention as the top metrics used to measure marketing success, according to an April 2018 poll conducted by research and advisory firm 451 Research. Read the rest at eMarketer.