Most Difficult B2B Marketing Skills To Hire For [CHART]

Chart: Most Difficult B2B Marketing Skills To Hire For

An overwhelming majority (92%) of B2B companies are finding it difficult to hire good marketers. But which skills are hardest to find? As it turns out, marketing analytics is the skill set most difficult to fill, according to the results of a new survey from Spear Marketing Group.

Indeed, the study found that some 6 in 10 respondents said they were having difficulty hiring individuals with marketing analytics skills. This is especially telling with analytics continuing to be an influential factor in businesses as whole, and not just in marketing. An increasing number of business leaders are using analytics to support their decisions: more than one-third (36%) are using analytics in their decision-making process. Issues with hiring might be behind B2B marketers’ difficulties with implementing analytics technologies, too.

Meanwhile, as marketing departments still prioritize demand generation over other marketing strategies like ABM, it’s easy to see why demand generation is still an essential skill set. However, 45% of respondents say they are having problems hiring individuals with demand generation in the marketing toolbox. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.