Netflix Paid Streaming Subscribers, 2012-2018 [CHART]

Chart: Netflix Paid Streaming Subscribers, 2012-2018

E-commerce behemoth Amazon is continuing its growth in the subscriptions space, with its streaming service and free shipping netting an even larger recurring revenue base.

The number of Amazon Prime subscriptions has recently been estimated [PDF] by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIPR) to now have passed 100 million in the US.

Netflix doesn’t come up quite to the same numbers (in the US), but by any other comparison, they are very impressive.

Netflix’ subscriber growth rate remains constant. Looking at the trend from Q2 2012 through Q4 2018, the cumulative trendline appears solidly consistent.

In Q2 2012, Netflix had 22.0 million subscribers in the US and 2.4 million internationally. Fast forward six and a half years, that US number has almost tripled to 58.5 million – but the international subscriber count has ballooned by more than 33x, reaching 80.8 million subscribers. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.