US Smartphone Users By OS, 2018-2021 [TABLE]

Table: US Smartphone Users By OS, 2018-2021

While iPhone sales have been lackluster in some overseas markets, Apple’s smartphone continues to gain users in the US. According to our latest forecast, the iPhone’s user base ticked up 5.0% in 2018 and will grow another 3.2% this year.

In 2019, 105.2 million people in the US will use an iPhone, giving Apple a 45.2% share of the country’s smartphone market. That share will grow 0.1%each year through 2021.

Android will continue to dominate the US smartphone market, having overtaken Apple in 2011. This year, Android usage will grow 3.3% to 124.4 million people. Its share of US smartphone users will increase to 53.4% in 2019, and reach 53.8% by 2021. Read the rest at eMarketer.