Sentiments Toward Retail Facial Recognition [CHART]

Chart: Sentiments Toward Retail Facial Recognition

Half of US internet users have concerns about facial recognition, according to data from The Brookings Institution.

Lawmakers haven’t needed encouragement to begin regulating the technology; in February, San Francisco became the first US city to impose a ban on the use of facial recognition by government agencies. Washington state Sen. Reuven Carlyle proposed a bill to require companies that make facial recognition tech to obtain consumer consent, and notify those consumers when they walk into a store or access a website where it’s in use.

Despite concerns, brand marketers and tech providers are jumping at the chance to implement the technology. Last year, Unilever tested using in-store displays to measure consumer engagement in Brazil and the US. At the 2018 Marketing Week Insight show, the company’s global vice president of consumer and market insight BV Pradeep stated that he believed marketers should put more effort into developing similar in-store measurement tools. Read the rest at eMarketer.