Generation V Daily Video Consumption [CHART]

Chart: Generation V Daily Video Consumption

Teens continue to say they’re gravitating away from cable TV as a part of their daily video diet, according to the latest semi-annual teen survey from Piper Jaffray. The 8,600 teens surveyed estimated spending less than one-sixth (16%) of their daily video time watching cable TV, down from 23% a year earlier.

The results are reflective of broader cable TV viewer demographic trends. MarketingCharts’ Media Audience Demographics Study 2017 found that 39.1% of cable TV’s weekly adult audience is aged 55 and older, a gradual increase from 37.2% a couple of years earlier.

Meanwhile, older Americans continue to watch far more traditional TV than their younger counterparts: in the second quarter of 2017, for example (the most recent data available for teens), Nielsen reported that 12-17-year-olds watched 11 hours and 47 minutes of traditional TV per week, less than one-quarter of the more than 48 hours watched by Americans ages 65 and up.

Cable TV’s place for teens has been taken by digital video and streaming options, of course. Netflix remains their top destination, occupying an average 38% of their daily video viewing time, consistent with the past couple of years. The streaming platform is a hit with youth, earning the top word-of-mouth with Millennials in the US this year, and being named their most relevant brand overall. In fact, for youth, watching TV now means turning to Netflix first before any other source of programming. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.