Video View Growth On Facebook & YouTube [CHART]

Chart: Video View Growth On Facebook & YouTube

YouTube and Facebook – the two most popular social media sites in the US – are commonly seen as more consumer-oriented than other, more business-oriented sites such as LinkedIn. But a report from Tubular Labs indicates that Business is outgrowing all other genres on Facebook and YouTube in video view growth.

During the second quarter of the year, Tubular reports that Business video views on Facebook grew by 51.6% quarter-over-quarter, about 4 times the rate of the next-fastest genre, Family & Parenting (13.2%). (Facebook is a key source of information for new parents.)

Business video view growth wasn’t quite as stark on YouTube, but still clocked in at 23.4%. Family & Parenting again posted the next-fastest growth rate, of 15%.

The growth in Business video views comes at a time when viewers are demonstrating higher engagement rates with B2B video content, and in an environment where B2B marketers are showing enthusiasm about video’s potential. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.