Podcast Discovery Channels [CHART]

Chart: Podcast Discovery Channels

The podcast audience is growing, and people are becoming heavier listeners over time. A new study from Westwood One breaks down the primary ways by which weekly listeners discover new podcasts, revealing that social media is the top source overall.

Indeed, 6 in 10 weekly listeners reported learning about new podcasts through social media, edging word-of-mouth (57%) as the top method of podcast discovery among weekly listeners.

Other podcasts prove to also be fruitful discovery sources, with a slight majority (53%) reporting finding out about new podcasts through other ones.

Podcast apps and platforms, meanwhile, serve as vehicles of awareness for slightly more than 4 in 10 weekly listeners. Traditional media types also have a role to play in discovery, with some learning about new podcasts from their favorite radio or TV programs (38%), radio ads (32%), magazine ads (24%) and billboards (23%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.