Millennials' Word Of Mouth Brands [CHART]

Chart: Millennials' Word Of Mouth Brands

Which brands are Millennials not only hearing positive things about, but also talking about with their friends and family? It’s an important point, given that word-of-mouth is the top purchase influencer among this young cohort. New rankings from YouGov offer some insights into the brands enjoying the most conversation.

To arrive at its conclusions, YouGov first screened 1,630 brands for positive buzz, asking 18-34-year-olds which brands they had heard something positive about within the previous 2 weeks. After eliminating brands without much positive buzz, YouGov then asked respondents which of the brands they had talked about with friends and family during the previous 2 weeks.

Sitting atop the charts is Netflix, with a score of 75.6, meaning that it had been the subject of conversation for an impressive 3 in 4 respondents within the previous 2 weeks. Netflix climbed a spot from last year’s report to gain its top spot. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.