How Brands Build Distrust Online [CHART]

Chart: How Brands Build Distrust Online

Whether you’re trying to unlock a piece of content or acquire a shopping discount online, it can be incredibly frustrating if you’re forced to first fill out a form that seems to never end.

The data provided in these forms can be useful to marketers for lead generation. But asking for too much information can turn users off from a brand.

In a November 2018 survey by Jebbit of 1,000 US adult smartphone users, 35.9% of respondents said that asking for too much information leads them to distrust a brand. Public data scandals led 28.0% of respondents to distrust brands when providing their personal information. Those who were surveyed seem to be more bothered by being asked to provide too much information than by issues like data breaches. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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