Top Content Distribution Channels [CHART]

Chart: Top Content Distribution Channels

Websites, blogs and social media are perceived to be effective channels through which to market content to prospective customers, according to a report from Ascend2. But none are quite as popular as email, which can be integral to respondents’ content marketing strategies that primarily seek to improve lead quality and conversion rates.

The survey captured the attitudes of 224 marketers around the world, the vast majority of whom have a B2B element, either as their primary focus (55%) or in tandem with B2C (22%).

Fully 82% of respondents indicated that email is one the most effective channels they use for marketing content to prospective customers. That was far ahead of the only other two channels to earn a majority response: social media (54%) and websites/blogs (51%).

The support for email as a content distribution channel is in line with other research on this topic. Last year, studies from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found both B2B and B2C marketers citing email as their most effective format for distributing content.

While email is a traditional digital workhorse, marketers aren’t remaining static in its use. Instead, they’re innovating with it in a number of ways, including through more creative use of behavioral triggers and by employing automation to enable 1-to-1 communication.