Full-Length Video Discovery [CHART]

Chart: Full-Length Video Discovery

The main ways by which people discover video content haven’t changed much since last year. But as a new report from Nielsen reveals, online ads and social media platforms are growing in stature as sources of video content awareness.

This year one-third of survey respondents ages 13 and older said they use social media websites and apps to discover new movies, TV shows or other full-length video content. That’s up from 29% saying so last year, representing 17% relative growth year-over-year.

A similar proportion (36%) of respondents discover video content through commercials, ads and/or trailers seen online, up from 32% last year.

These were the only discovery methods to see any growth from last year, reflecting the greater use of digital media.

The primary vehicles for full-length video content awareness remain the same as last year. Six in 10 (59%) rely on word-of-mouth, unchanged from last year (60%), while almost half (47%) discover content through promotions seen on TV (also flat from last year’s 46%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.