Brands' Annoying Emails [CHART]

Chart: Brands' Annoying Emails

Email continues to be consumers’ preferred form of brand communication. But that doesn’t mean it’s not without its faults! In a study, Adobe breaks down some of the most frustrating aspects of email communications, based on a survey of 1,001 white-collar workers in the US who own a smartphone.

Over-Frequency’s Still the Main Complaint

Consumers have a message for email marketers: don’t overshare! By far the most annoying part of receiving email offers from marketers is getting emailed too often, according to the survey. Almost half (45%) of respondents complained that over-frequency is one of their top 3 annoyances (from the list provided), with this an especially sore point with respondents ages 35 and older.

Only half as many respondents pointed to the next-most annoying aspects of brand emails. Those closely-grouped frustrations are:

  • Emails that are too wordy/poorly written (23% ranking in top 3 annoyances);
  • An offer that makes clear that the marketer’s data about the respondent is wrong (22%);and
  • An email urging the respondent to buy a product or service they’ve already purchased (22%).

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