Facebook Watch Market Penetration [CHART]

Chart: Facebook Watch Market Penetration

It’s been a year since Facebook launched its “Watch” video-on-demand service, which allows users to watch ad-supported original shows from independent studios. But usage of the service remains “modest,” according to research on the topic from The Diffusion Group (TDG).

TDG surveyed 1,632 adult Facebook users to see the extent to which they were aware of – or used – Facebook Watch.

Fully half of the respondents reported not even having heard of it. Another quarter (24%) had heard of it but never used it, leaving roughly 1 in 4 having used it at some point.

There was some frequency of usage among those who reported having used the Watch feature: slightly more than half reported doing so at least weekly. All told, though, just 14% of the adult Facebook users surveyed said they used Facebook Watch either weekly (8%) or daily (6%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.