Why Companies Use Events [TABLE]

Table: Why Companies Use Events

B2B and B2C companies approach events with different goals in mind, though they do share some primary objectives, according to a report from Opus and Event Marketer. Both groups look to drive sales revenue as well as educate customers, prospects and attendees, but B2C companies are more focused than their B2B counterparts on raising brand awareness.

The survey, conducted among 305 brand marketers at large companies (62% with revenue of at least $1 billion), reveals that more than half of B2B companies (53%) use events for lead generation, compared to just one-third of B2C companies. That makes sense given that B2B marketers tend to see events as a strong source of qualified top-of-the-funnel leads.

By contrast, B2C marketers tend to use events more than their B2B counterparts in order to enhance customer satisfaction/loyalty (47% vs. 28%) and launch new products or services (32% vs. 17%).

Notably, marketers with a company-wide strategic event plan in place prioritize sales revenue at a higher rate than those without an event plan. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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