Marketing Data & Creativity Integrators [CHART]

Chart: Marketing Data Creative Integrators

Creativity and data analysis are often viewed as separate efforts. But senior marketers who unite data and creativity – dubbed “integrators” – enjoy above-average revenue growth rates, according to a survey from McKinsey.

The analysis is based on responses from 220 CMOs and senior marketing executives, roughly one-fifth of whom McKinsey called “integrators.” While the number of integrators is small (n=40), McKinsey identified several areas in which they differ from other marketers who aren’t integrating creativity and data analysis to the same degree.

Integrators are doing a better job of putting analytics to use, according to the report. For example, 70% are using advanced analytics, compared to about 4 in 10 other respondents. Likewise, almost two-thirds employ customer journey analytics, versus about half of the other respondents.

As such, integrators use more insights than their peers, whether those are traditional in scope (focus groups and other research methods) or data-driven (such as customer-journey analytics and artificial intelligence).

McKinsey notes that “moving advanced consumer insights out of the background and onto the dynamic front lines of customer engagement gives analysts a new voice within the creative process.” Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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