Smart Speaker Users By Brand, 2018-2020 [CHART]

Chart: Smart Speaker Users By Brand, 2018-2020

While Amazon’s Echo is the most popular smart speaker in the US, it’s losing share as speaker rivalry heats up.

This year, Amazon is capturing roughly two-thirds of the US smart speaker audience, and that figure will decrease to 60.8% by 2020. In contrast, Google Home will capture 29.5% of the smart speaker audience in 2018, and that will grow to nearly 33% by the end of the forecasting period.

Google’s devices and software are growing quickly, likely because they’re available in more countries and languages than Amazon’s.

Meanwhile, big tech companies in China, like Alibaba and Xiaomi, are also strong contenders, said eMarketer principal analyst Victoria Petrock. “And it’s safe to assume that Facebook is going to fight back hard as well. I wouldn’t count anyone out,” she added. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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