How Job Candidates Evaluate Employer Brands [CHART]

Chart: How Job Candidates Evaluate Employer Brands

More than two-thirds of job candidates believe that employer brand strength is important (35%) or very important (34%) when they’re evaluating a new job opportunity, according to the 2018 Reputation Management Study [PDF] from MRINetwork, conducted in partnership with Haley Marketing Group. The results indicate that employees can be a “valuable asset” in communicating brand strength.

That’s because the candidates surveyed for the report identified employee referrals (59%) as the leading way by which they evaluate employer brands, outdoing even company websites (56%).

Employees can have an impact beyond direct referrals, too. More candidates rely on Glassdoor or similar sites (38%) – where employees review companies – than media coverage (24%) when evaluating brands. Furthermore, candidates are also more apt to judge employer brands on the basis of employee testimonials (28%) than to look at the company’s career site (21%), its marketing materials (19%), or social media (19%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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