How Single 30-45 Women See Themselves [CHART]

Chart: Single Women Ages 30 45 Self-Attributes

Adults in the US are increasingly putting off marriage until later years, if at all. Indeed, a recent Pew Research Data analysis indicates that 57% of 21-36-year-olds have never married, compared to just one-third (33%) of people that age back in 1985. Now, a new study from Hill Holiday finds that single women between the ages of 30 and 45 feel they’re being ignored in advertising.

The report notes that women in the US are almost as likely to be single as married, citing Census Data. Yet almost half (48%) of single women ages 30-45 surveyed for the report think that single women are “non-existent” in advertising, and a similar proportion (44%) don’t feel that they are fairly represented.

Single women aren’t the only group to complain of brand-related issues. In another new survey, this time conducted among 500 women over the age of 40, Fancy found that three-quarters (76%) feel that brands play a negative role in the perception of women over 40, with 8 in 10 believing that brands perpetuate gender inequality. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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