Patriotism By Generation [CHART]

Chart: Patriotism by Generation

Jeep continues to be considered the most “patriotic” brand in the US, according to the latest annual report on the topic from Brand Keys. The survey measured which of 297 brands were most resonant with consumers ages 16-65 when it came to “patriotism,” with the list of top 50 being “dramatically re-drawn” this year, per the analysis.

A notable exit from the list this year is Facebook, which was 30th last year. Although the Brand Keys analysts attribute this to “data-sharing and privacy issues,” it’s also possible that the extent to which the platform was weaponized for fake news during the 2016 elections (and/or dissatisfaction surrounding its response) has been a turnoff for many.

As Brand Keys notes, “we expect brands to employ patriotic themes tactically this time of year,” referring to last week’s July 4th celebrations. But they also caution that “the political schism has shifted how consumers view ‘patriotism’ as both an ideology and a self-perception.”

This is most apt for younger consumers. In its survey of 5,001 consumers ages 16-65, Brand Keys found that just 42% of Gen Z respondents identify as “extremely” or “very” patriotic, as do only a slim majority (53%) of Millennials.

Their older counterparts, though, feel more inclined towards a self-perception of patriotism. Some two-thirds (68%) of Gen Xers identify as “extremely” or “very” patriotic, with that figure rising to 85% of Boomers.

The age gap – interestingly – was consistent across both genders and political affiliations. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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