What Grocery Shoppers Buy Online [CHART]

Chart: What Grocery Shoppers Buy Online

Field Agent surveyed US online grocery shoppers in August 2018 after they made a minimum $30 purchase either for delivery or pickup. Fully 63% had bought center store groceries during that shopping session. Dairy and eggs (38%), meat (29%) and fresh produce (29%) had lower purchase levels.

When asked by Field Agent which categories were easiest to shop for online/in-app, 49% cited center store groceries. Only 5% said meat was easiest to shop for digitally. Center store groceries also had the largest number of shoppers saying that they bought more online than they would have in-store (19%). The top reasons given were because center store groceries are easier to shop for online (58%), they saw items they wouldn’t have in-store (23%) and that the prices online were better (19%).

But it doesn’t appear that center store groceries are being bought online at the same rate as in-store. There was a gap when comparing behavior between online and in-store grocery shoppers. For example, toilet paper was the leading product bought by all shoppers, but there was a 22-percentage-point difference between in-store and online. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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