Sales' Top Source Of Leads [CHART]

Chart: Sales Top Source of Leads

Salespeople are more likely to believe that leads sourced directly from sales are the top source of leads for their organization than leads from marketing. So say sales respondents to HubSpot’s latest annual State of Inbound report, which gathered the opinions of more than 6,200 marketers and salespeople around the world during the first quarter of the year.

While salespeople surveyed for the report in the aggregate saw the sales organization as the top source of leads, that wasn’t true for all respondents.

When segregating respondents by sales and marketing relationship, a different picture emerged. Respondents who identified their sales and marketing alignment as tightly aligned and/or with a service level agreement (SLA) actually were more likely to say that leads from marketing (39% share) are the top source of leads for their organization than leads directly sourced by sales. By contrast, those operating in companies with less alignment believed that marketing was the least effective at sourcing leads, behind leads directly sourced by sales and behind referrals too.

In fact, salespeople in companies with tight marketing and sales alignment saw marketing as their top source of leads overall. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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