Retail Site Search Frustrations [CHART]

Chart: Retail Site Search Frustrations

Almost 6 in 10 US shoppers believe that the search box is “extremely important” when they’re shopping on a retailer’s website, mobile site or mobile app, and another 27% consider it “important,” according to the Site Search Survey 2018 from RichRelevance. Underscoring the search box’s importance is the frequency with which shoppers use it: 8 in 10 reported using it when they shop online either often (45%) or always (35%).

Although site search is important across platforms and devices, shoppers are more confident in the results they’re getting when they search on a website than on a mobile platform. As the report details, 81% are satisfied with the results they get when searching on retailer’s websites, compared to 68% when searching on a retailer’s mobile site or mobile app.

And while most (63%) say they haven’t noticed a difference between the search results on their mobile device and those they get on their laptop or desktop, respondents were far more likely to say they get worse (30%) than better (7%) results on their mobile device. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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