How Consumers Share Feedback About Customer Experiences [CHART]

Chart: How Consumers Share Feedback About Customer Experiences

People around the world say that customer experience is a competitive differentiator for brands. But do good or bad experiences reverberate beyond the customers themselves? As it stands, most people will tell someone about a very good or very bad experience, according to research from the Temkin Group.

In fact, only around one-quarter (27%) of US consumers surveyed in Q1 reported being silent about a recent very bad experience with a company. Respondents were more likely to have not shared a very good experience, with one-third (34%) saying they didn’t tell anyone about the experience.

As such, the results suggest that people are slightly more likely to share a very bad than a very good experience. That’s a shift from the results of a similar survey conducted last year, but is in line with results from earlier years. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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