What Marketers Post On Social Media vs What Consumers Want [CHART]

Chart: Social Posts Of Marketers vs Consumer Preferences

Measuring ROI is a far greater challenge for social media marketers than determining what content to post, according to a study from Sprout Social. But are marketers in alignment with consumers’ preferences when it comes to post types? To find out, Sprout Social surveyed more than 2,000 social media marketers and more than 1,250 online consumers, finding some alignment between consumers’ preferences and marketers’ activity, with at least one glaring exception.

That exception? Discounts and sales. These types of offers topped the list of what consumers want to see on social (72%), but were second from the bottom on the list of what marketers post (18%).

It’s not too surprising to see promotions appear at the top of the list for consumers, who have long said that discount offers are their most appealing brand post types. After all, Americans still love coupons, and youth in particular gravitate to them on social platforms.

Yet as the Sprout Social analysts note, “social marketers can’t build strategies solely around deals and promotions. This content, while it leads to conversions, does not build long-term relationships with target audiences.”

As such, it’s important to look at other social post types that engage consumers. Interestingly, the next-most sought-after posts are those that showcase new products or services (60%) and posts that teach something (59%). These relate to consumers’ tendency to use social as a vehicle to learn about new brands, and also to their repeated desire for informative content. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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