Triggered Email Conversion Rates [CHART]

Chart: Triggered Email Conversion Rates

Marketers enjoyed strong email response rates in Q1, perhaps as a result of tempered volume in the wake of the holiday period, according to Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s Q1 Email Benchmark Report 2018. The report indicates that the average open rate was up by 5.8% quarter-over-quarter and the average unique click rate by 12.1% as the average number of emails sent per engaged subscriber dropped by 29.3%.

Triggered emails have long been shown to generate above-average response rates, and Q1 was no different. The average open rate for triggered campaigns was almost twice as high as it was for non-triggered emails (25.1% vs. 14.2%), with the unique click rate almost three times higher (3.5% vs. 1.2%) and the click-to-open rate also considerably higher (14.1% vs. 8.8%).

The conversion rate for triggered emails (4.2%) also outperformed that of non-triggered emails (3.9%), per the report, which highlighted certain campaign types:

  • Activation campaigns: conversion rate of 5.1%, versus standard emails’ 3.9%;
  • Browse Abandon campaigns: conversion rate of 6.7%;
  • Reactivation campaigns: conversion rate of 5.4%; and
  • Lifecycle campaigns: conversion rate of 8.6%.

(Conversion rates are defined as orders per click.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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