Most Popular Voice Activated Activities [CHART]

Chart: Most Popular Voice Activated Activities

Consumers are becoming more comfortable using voice assistants, smart speakers and other voice-activated devices for a variety of everyday tasks. Research conducted in the US by PwC in February 2018 found that searching for information, playing music, sending messages and shopping were among the activities conducted by large percentages of voice assistant users.

Voice, however, is unlike anything that’s come before, which is forcing brands to think differently about how they design their campaigns. Rather than using traditional “push” messaging, they must work harder to make brand interactions useful and valuable—or they risk becoming irrelevant. While best practices for voice are still evolving, eMarketer’s latest report, “Marketing Beyond the Screen: Using Voice Technology to Boost Brand Engagement,” delves more deeply into these market dynamics and describes some concrete steps for getting started with voice control. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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