Email Open & CTRs By Hour [CHART]

Chart: Email Open and CTRs By Hour Of The Day

Every year, Omnisend analyzes clients’ email marketing and marketing automation data to see the biggest trends, opportunities and best practices that lead to great conversions and sales.

Recently, they dug deep into 9,500 brands that sent more than 92,000 email campaigns (more than 791 million emails) to see what the best hour, the day of the week, and day of the month is to send out email campaigns.

From this chart, you can see that 5 pm (17h00) has the best combination of open rate (19.7%) and click rate (3.98%) with at least 450 campaigns sent.

The other high click rates or open rates will be largely due to a low number of campaigns sent.

What this means is simple: at 5 pm, the number of emails that a user receives may be lower, or the availability (or willingness to read emails) may be higher.

That’s why, if you’re planning on sending out email campaigns about your latest product, sales offer, or even a new line of products, 5 pm would be a great time. Read the rest at SmartInsights.