Elements Of A Great Online Shopping Experience [CHART]

Chart: Online Shopping Experience Elements

Online shoppers enjoy using mobile devices for their e-commerce activities, but a great online shopping experience depends on more than just ease-of-use on mobile devices. That’s according to a report from Namogoo, which surveyed almost 1,400 online shoppers in the US on the factors that make and break the e-commerce experience. Here are 3 quick takeaways from the report.

Virtually all shoppers surveyed feel that a great e-commerce site experience depends on clear product images, as 88% of respondents cited this as an element of a top-notch experience. It’s no wonder then that brands are turning to visual content as a differentiator in an age of large online marketplaces.

Along with visuals, most (77%) shoppers also rely on product descriptions as an important element of the e-commerce experience. It’s interesting to see that product images were cited by more shoppers than product descriptions, as previous survey data has also found visual content to be slightly more important to shoppers than written content.

Meanwhile, close to 8 in 10 shoppers reported that product reviews are an important facet of a great e-commerce experience. Research has suggested that reviews are particularly valued by online apparel shoppers, potentially as they help in determining size and fit. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.