Top Marketing Data Challenges [CHART]

Chart: Top Marketing Data Challenges

Much has been made of the difficulties marketers face with accessing data, integrating data across technologies, and even trusting their data. But some companies are facing an even bigger problem, according to Widen’s 2018 Connectivity Report: telling the right story with their data.

In fact, when Widen asked more than 500 marketers and creative professionals the biggest challenge their team faces when procuring, managing and utilizing their marketing data, the largest proportion (21.5%) of respondents said that they were challenged to tell the right story with their data.

This focus makes some sense given that the respondent sample was made up in part of creatives – as storytelling relates to the more creative side of data-driven marketing. In a study last year delving into the areas of data-driven marketing that are more art than science, participants were clear that crafting a narrative from the data to persuade others was the biggest art form. Read the rest at