Challenges To Mobile Commerce

Chart: Challenges To Mobile Commerce

Here’s an unexpected finding: the percentage of e-commerce sales made using a mobile phone decreased last year. That’s according to a report from Forrester Research, which says that mobile phones accounted for 36% of online retail sales last year, down from 43% in 2016.

The Forrester report highlights several reasons why mobile shopping is “stalling.” Among them, survey data indicates that some shoppers continue to prefer the larger screens offered by desktops, for example. Additionally, mobile page speeds in the US lag: in fact, Google data suggests that mobile pages in the retail sector take more than twice as long to load as the best practice recommendation.

Meanwhile, mobile conversion rates are still lower than desktop conversion rates – which explains why Adobe data shows that retailers earn 4 times more from a desktop than smartphone visit. (It is worth noting, however, that there are indications that the mobile shopping experience is improving, leading to higher conversion rates.)