Automated Marketing Emails

Chart: Use of Automated Marketing Emails

Marketers have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to marketing automation, according to a survey of GetResponse customers and Smart Insights members [PDF]. Just 1 in 5 say they use most or all marketing automation features available to them, and even fewer (18%) consider themselves to be Advanced or an Expert.

Email automation is far and away the most popular type of automation technique used, by almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents, a finding supported by research into B2B marketers’ use of automation.

Within email, there are two main types of automated emails used. Those are:

  • Multi-step welcome emails for new contacts (by 47%); and
  • Promotional sales-focused campaign emails (by 46%).

Fewer are employing transactional emails (28%) and rule-based lead nurturing programs (9%), among others. Read the rest at