Webinar Conversion Rates

Chart: Webinar Conversion Rates

What can you expect when running a webinar? ON24 dug into its data and has provided benchmarks from an analysis of almost 20,000 webinars (with at least 100 attendees) conducted on its platform in 2017. Here are some quick highlights from the report.

ON24 recommends a lengthy promotional cycle, noting that 47% of registrants signed up for a webinar at least 8 days before the event, including about one-quarter (24%, up from 21% in 2016) signing up more than 2 weeks earlier.

ON24 reveals that a 35-45% conversion rate from registrants to attendees is a “healthy” conversion rate. During 2017, the conversion rate averaged 44% for webinars with more than 100 participants.

That average was boosted by a very strong conversion rate for communications webinars (66%), such as sales communications webinars for organizations with offices in multiple locations.

As for marketing webinars? The conversion rate in 2017 was 40%, meaning that 4 in 10 people who registered to attend a marketing webinar actually attended. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.