Facebook Privacy Concerns [CHART]

Chart: Facebook Privacy Concerns

Fully two-thirds of US adults had heard either a lot (33%) or a little (35%) about data obtained from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, per results from a survey from YouGov and The Economist fielded in late March, after the story broke but before CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress.

Another survey, from Creative Strategies, came to a similar result: 39% of respondents claimed to be very aware of the incident, with another 37% somewhat aware. (It’s unclear when this particular survey was fielded.)

At the time of the YouGov and The Economist research, just 22% of adults surveyed were satisfied with Facebook’s response to the Cambridge Analytica survey, against 58% who had were not very or not at all satisfied.

Likewise, 51% of adults surveyed from April 6-9 by YouGov and CBS Newsindicated that Facebook’s response had been unacceptable, more than twice the share (22%) who felt that it was acceptable. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.