Time Spent With Mobile vs Television [CHART]

Chart: Time Spent With Mobile And Television

Americans are spending less time with most major media, with one major exception: smartphones.

In 2018, adults will still dedicate more time per day to TV—nearly 3 hours, 50 minutes—than to any other medium, but TV time is shrinking, down from 4 hours, 37 minutes in 2012. Mobile time will increase to 3 hours, 35 minutes in 2018, and by 2019 mobile will be the new leader in time spent, with 3 hours, 43 minutes of engagement vs. TV’s 3 hours, 42 minutes.

Time spent on mobile, however, is likely approaching a peak, and within a few years, we believe we’ll start to see it plateau.

Several trends on the horizon could put a stop to mobile time’s seemingly inexorable rise. A slew of newer device categories, such as smart speakers, smart cars, wearables and VR headsets, might dent time spent. Read the rest at eMarketer.