Time Spent With eTailers [CHART]

Chart: Time Spent With eTailers

It’s no secret that Amazon has an enormous influence on e-commerce. Here’s another amazing statistic to drive that point home, courtesy of a new comScore study: Americans spent 22.6 billion minutes on Amazon during December 2017, more than the combined total spent on the rest of the top 10 e-commerce retailers (16.6 billion).

In fact, Americans spent almost 4 times more minutes on Amazon.com (22.6 billion) in December than on the next-largest retailer by time spent, eBay (6.2 billion minutes).

The majority of minutes spent with Amazon were spent on mobile devices rather than desktops, per the report, and 78% of those mobile minutes were in-app rather than on its mobile site.

All told, Amazon boasted 95.4 million mobile app unique visitors during the month, more than double the number visiting Walmart’s app (37.7 million).

Overall, Amazon had nearly 200 million (197 million) total digital unique visitors coming via desktop and/or mobile, with Walmart (127 million) and eBay (113 million) the next-largest retail properties. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.