Google Universal Search Elements [CHART]

Chart: Google Universal Search Elements

Google shows an average of only 8.5 organic results on the first page of its US mobile searches, and just 8.7 on desktop searches, according to a study from Searchmetrics. The firm argues that marketers have a big opportunity to be featured on the first page by appearing in “universal search” boxes, which feature integrations such as Video, Direct Answers and App Suggestions. These integrations are particularly influential on mobile devices, as they stand out more on the smaller screens.

To test which appear most frequently, Searchmetrics analyzed first-page results on (US) for 500,000 search queries.

Knowledge Graphs are the most common integrations, per the report, appearing in the first page in 35% of desktop searches and 32% of mobile searches. These boxes, which typically are displayed in response to searches for known brands and organizations, pull from high-authority sites, and saw a double-digit increase in frequency in 2017 compared to the year earlier. Read the rest at