Online Audio vs Podcast Reach, 2000-2018 [CHART]

Chart: Online Audio vs Podcast Reach - 2000-2018

The popularity of online audio continues to rise. Some 64% of Americans aged 12 and older this year report listening to online audio on a monthly basis, and 89% of those listeners (57% of respondents overall) listen on a weekly basis, according to the latest edition of the annual Infinite Dial report.

Online audio refers to listening to AM/FM radio stations online and/or listening to streamed audio content available only on the internet.

Monthly online audio listening has grown across age groups, but remains more popular among youth. Some 88% of 12-24-year-olds listened to online audio during the month prior to the survey, as did 73% of 25-54-year-olds. By comparison, one-third (33%) of respondents ages 55 and older did so.

In the latest US Media Audience Demographics report, 25-34-year-olds were 27% more likely than the online adult average to listen to internet radio on a monthly basis. Online adults ages 65 and up, by contrast, were about half as likely to do so. Even so, the internet radio audience profiles as being older than the online TV audience, as 38% of listeners are ages 45 and older. Read the rest at