Best Dayparts For Webinar Attendance [CHART]

Chart: Best Dayparts For Webinars

The 2018 Webinar Benchmarks Report by webinar marketing platform ON24 is based on an analysis of 19,640 webinars with an audience of 100 people or more during calendar 2017.

While midweek is the best time to host a webinar, the midday hours during or just after lunch — noon to 3 pm (EST) — are the sweet spot during the business day, accounting for 66% of all webinar attendance.

The average viewing time, according to the report, was 56.5 minutes in 2017, about the same as the average for the six years ON24 has been analyzing the data.

Other key findings of the report:

  • Marketers are using video more than ever: The use of video in 2017 increased 4%, and is now featured in nearly one-fourth of all webinars (22%).
  • On-demand viewers are rising: 35% of all attendees watched webinars only on-demand, or after they had taken place, an increase of 2% over 2016.

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