Media Engagement Activities [CHART]

Chart: Media Engagement Activities

The majority of adults in the US engage with a variety of media on a regular basis, ranging from watching shows and episodes to listening to music, checking social media and watching short videos, according to an IAB study [PDF]. But, as the report details, most people don’t reserve a specific time of the day for these activities.

Instead, most activities see multiple daily engagements from participants. So while media reach is higher during some day parts than others, consumers are typically focused on these activities and deriving value from them at more than one point in each day.

Below are highlights from 8 media activities identified in the report.

Checking Social Media

  • Total Reach: 69% doing so on a regular basis.
  • Top Day Part by Reach: Evening – 32%, among those who regularly perform this activity.
  • Leading Need State During Top Day Part: Connecting with others.
  • Multiple Engagements: 71% of those who regularly perform this activity do so over more than one specific day part.
  • When Concentration Level is Highest: Late Night.
  • When Value Derived from Activity is Highest: Late Night.

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