How News Publishers Use Artificial Intelligence [CHART]

Chart: How News Publishers Use AI

How will artificial intelligence (AI) affect the business of digital publishing?

A number of publishers first focused on automating the writing process, with bots creating stories based on structured data such as box scores and financial reports.

But according to a recent survey of publishers worldwide from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, content recommendation is now the single most common use of AI in publishing.

Flipboard, a news aggregation platform, is an extreme testing ground for AI recommendations, given that it features as many as 300,000 articles each day.

Of the 150 people who work for Flipboard, about 40 are focused on tech, engineering and data science, which are the teams responsible for creating and monitoring AI tools. Those tools scan for contextual clues to tag articles by topic and keyword. Read the rest at eMarketer.