Top Technologies For Improving The Customer Experience [CHART]

Technologies For Improving Customer Experience

A 2016 study by Forbes Insights and SAS found that 90% of executives worldwide who use data analytics noticed it improved their ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

According to a January 2018 survey of US senior decision-makers conducted by Verndale, big data/analytics was listed as the most important emerging technology for enhancing customer experience, cited by 63% of respondents.

While data analysis may be critical to improving customer experience, there are technical challenges to leveraging big data. For instance, identifying users and assigning attribution across devices remains a struggle for some marketers. In a Q1 2017 survey of marketers worldwide by the CMO Council and RedPoint Global, 38% of respondents indicated that customers’ fragmented digital consumption is a primary challenge in implementing a data-driven customer experience strategy. Read the rest at eMarketer.