Use Of Artificial Intelligent Chatbots [CHART]

Chart: Use Of AI Chatbots

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be catching on with marketers, but their adoption of AI chatbots has been slow going.

In a December 2017 Freedman International and ClickZ survey of 500 marketers from the US and UK, just 7% of respondents said they currently use AI-powered chatbots. While another 27% reported that they’re looking into using chatbots, most respondents said their company was either not ready or didn’t have the budget to develop them.

These results mimic those of a December 2017 report from Conductor, in which 34% of the worldwide marketing executives polled said AI was the marketing trend they felt most unprepared for in 2018. This was the most popular response in the survey, slightly edging out virtual and augmented reality (29%). Read the rest at eMarketer.