Why People Shop At Amazon [CHART]

Chart: Why People Shop on Amazon

People are primarily motivated to shop on Amazon by low prices, free shipping, and convenience, finds a new report from Epsilon. And yet these same factors – particularly prices and free shipping – would also help shoppers purchase from another retailer, according to the study.

For the report, Epsilon surveyed almost 4,000 consumers, asking those who had shopped on Amazon within the previous 6 months their reasons for doing so.

A leading 64% cited price as their motivation for shopping on Amazon, with free shipping (60%) a close second. Convenience was also a major factor: a majority (52%) said they shopped on Amazon because it was easy to buy that way, and close to half (47%) said that they used Amazon because it’s a one-stop-shop where they can buy different things they need.

Prime members largely cited the same motivating factors, but seemed more driven by free shipping. In fact, free shipping (70%) was the top reason why Prime members said they had shopped on Amazon, followed by price (65%) and two-day or next-day shipping (60%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.